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9 Tips for Talking to Your Doctor Effectively

Posted by Sonoma Home Health on May 17, 2018

Facing your own medical diagnosis or that of a loved one can be incredibly frightening. Especially, when you don't feel as though you are getting the proper attention and care from your doctor. Appointments go so quickly that you don't feel as though you've had the opportunity to express all of your concerns, ask all of your questions, and "prove your case" to your physician.

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What's the Difference Between Short-Term vs. Long-Term Care?

Posted by Sonoma Home Health on May 17, 2018

As life expectancies rise, many people are looking to different home health care insurance options to provide medical services in the event that they become temporarily or permanently unable to care for themselves. 

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8 Foods to Avoid After Surgery and During Wound Healing

Posted by Sonoma Home Health on April 18, 2018

If you have major surgery scheduled in your future, it’s crucial that you get the proper nutrition both before and afterward. Just as there are foods that promote healing by providing your body with nutrients that will accelerate the process, there are also dietary choices that can put tremendous strain on your system, resulting in unnecessary and unpleasant side-effects. Improper nutrition can also impede wound healing and leave you vulnerable to infection. After your surgery, give yourself the break and the nutrition you need. Skip the following foods if you want to be back on your feet again fast.

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What Should I Do If There is No One to Help After Surgery?

Posted by Sonoma Home Health on February 12, 2018

Now that you have scheduled your surgery, you must begin the process of planning for your recovery. This might be a hard thing to do, especially if you have no friends or family around to help you. In some cases, family may be available but unable to help you in the way you need it. Thankfully there are resources for those of us who need surgery in-home care after a medical procedure.

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How Home Health Care Helps Your Loved One Avoid Hospitalization

Posted by Sonoma Home Health on February 28, 2018

Using a professional home health care agency is the best method for getting your loved one the care he or she needs to avoid hospitalization and prevent readmission to the hospital.

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